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Routine Pre-Natal Care

Routine Pre-Natal CareGood pre-natal care allows for a healthy pregnancy, and at INTERCOUNTY OB/GYN in Ridgewood, NY, we strive to help you achieve that. With pre-natal care, our doctors are able to detect and treat problems early, help prevent complications like a high-risk pregnancy, and offer the possibility in referring you to a specialist, if necessary.


Your doctor will give you a schedule of your pre-natal visits. A typical schedule includes visiting your doctor about once each month during your first six months of pregnancy, every two weeks during the seventh and eighth month of pregnancy, and then weekly in the ninth month of pregnancy. You can expect to see your doctor more often as the due date gets closer. During these check-ups, your and the baby’s health will be monitored through periodic ultrasound, urine testing, blood work, testing for gestational diabetes, and more if necessary.

For more information about routine pre-natal care, please call 718-497-3045 for a consultation.