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For a very long time I have not felt very confident with my body. Ever since I had my children I have not been happy with my breasts. A friend of mine had done breast augmentation with Dr. Ravi a few years back and they look amazing. She recommended I go to him and I am so happy that I did. I no longer have any shame in removing my shirt in front of my husband. He loves them! Thank you so much Dr. Ravi. You are the best!

Anita R.



Dr. Ravi is the best cosmetic surgeon I've met. I highly recommend him. He did an excellent job with my tummy tuck. I wore an extra large to cover my excess skin. Now I wear a size medium and I am extremely happy. Thank you Dr. Ravi and your wonderful staff!




I've been having a lot of trouble reaching my goal when I'm with my husband. When I heard Dr. Ravi does G-spot amplification I was egger to meet with him. Dr. Ravi was very professional and his staff were very sweet and helpful. I felt very comfortable with them. I have done my procedure and I have to say, It was worth the money! My husband and I are very happy. Thank you Dr. Ravi! I most likely will be going back. I'm thinking about doing my breasts as well.

Celina Hilden



I am so happy. There are no words to explain it. I was a very shy girl. I had such a flat booty that I always wore loose jeans and padded panties. A friend told me about Dr. Ravi. I made an appointment the same day. When I met with him he was such an adorable person, very confident and professional. He gave me suggestion and I followed his advice. I did Brazilian Butt Augmentation. OMG, am I happy that I did it! Now I wear tight jeans and tights. YAY! Dr. Ravi is the best. Thank you so much!

Sasha Greene



It's been five months since my procedure and I'm overjoyed by my results. Dr. Ravi is excellent. He knows exactly what you want and introduces that with what you need and puts it together very nicely. His efficiency was a relief. I had shopped around for a doctor, But none made me feel as comfortable and trusting as Dr. Ravi. Thank you so much. I will definitley be back!

Rebecca Barbosa



I Haven't been Dr. Ravi's patient for long, But he and his staff took such good care of me. I was on the fence when deciding to do my procedure. It was a big procedure of liposuction, tummy tuck and Brazilian butt augmentation. So I knew I'd be under anesthesia for a while. That gave me concern. But speaking with Dr. Ravi and his staff made me feel a little more at ease. Now, I have to say, I'm so glad I did it! I feel sexy and confident. My husband looks at me as if we were in High School again. Thank you so much Dr. Ravi.

Lilliana B.



I highly recomemnd Dr. Ravi for cosmetic. I had done breast augmentation and they came out perfect. Dr. Ravi really has a good eye. He's very observant and efficient. I am very happy with my results. Thank you so much Doc!

Britney A.



Dr. Ravi is not only a great doctor; he is an amazing surgeon and a genuine friend. He is very precise and extremely knowledgeable; he is also a very skilled cosmetic surgeon. His office is beautiful, very clean, and comfortable and is conveniently located close to all transportation. His staff is pleasant and was always available to answer any questions I had. I am getting ready for my second procedure with Dr. Ravi and I whole heartedly recommend him to anyone considering and cosmetic surgery.

M. R



I have been Dr. Ravi’s patient for over fifteen years. When I have decided to have my procedure done there was no one I trusted more than Dr. Ravi. He took care of me like family and I will forever be grateful. Dr. Ravi not only changed my body but also my life. I feel like a brand new woman. I am extremely happy with my results and wouldn’t change a single thing. Thank you Dr. Ravi!

T. G



Dear Dr. Ravi,

You truly listen, you love and you care. You gave 100% of yourself and more. With a strong pride in all that you do, you’ve truly went above and beyond. This is a short not to thank you for the fabulous job you did with my body. My friends and family are very impressed and said that I look better. I have gotten a lot of compliments. Thanks for your kindness, generosity, patience, professionalism, expertise and compassion. It really put my mind at ease. I feel you gave me the body I wanted back. You are very genuine and I respect you a lot. I am recommending all my friends because after seeing me, they want to meet you. Thank you!

Also, a special thank you to Swarsity for making me feel so comfortable from the moment I walked in to the moment I walked out. And also to Eric, the anesthesiologist…thanks you for keeping me asleep throughout the operation.

Your patient

Emma Hernandez



Dear Dr. Ravi,

I would like to offer my sincerest gratitude to you and your team for doing an excellent job with my breast augmentation. Your care and handling of me during and after surgery was professional and excellent bed side manners. Not once did I feel unsure or unsafe about the procedure or after care. It’s only been a month and I’m overjoyed with the results.




On September 27th, 2013, Dr. Ravi preformed a few procedures on me. I’m very happy with my results. The operation went smoothly and my experience with Dr. Ravi was very pleasant. His assistant was very friendly and courteous. The service was excellent and the treated me very well. Thank you Dr. Ravi, God bless you and your staff.

Sincerely, Mercedes 



Dear Dr. Ravi

There are no words that can express the gratitude and appreciation I feel after the cosmetic surgery you performed on my leg. Throughout my childhood I got taunted and tormented because of my deformity. Whenever someone noticed that my legs were different size, they made sure that they told me and I felt ashamed and embarrassed. As I grew my mother always assured that I was born with perfect legs and it was an emergency surgery to my left leg that changed my body. You and your team has changed my life in such an extreme way that I could finally wear anything I want with confidence and pride. I could only say it was a miracle from god that I’ve met you. Thank you......many, many, many blessings from god.

Sincerely, Luz C 



Dear Dr. Ravi,

It’s taken me awhile to write a thank you letter. Probably because those words seem too simple for all I’ve experienced due to your help. I’ve been given a chance to like my body, something I have never known until now. Through the years, I have gained and lost weight but even at my goal weight, I never had a form. Thanks Dr. Ravi and Dr. Sharma for giving me one to work with. I feel a renewed sense of confidence and vitality.

Your genuine and caring attitude made all the difference in the world on the consult day and surgery day. I never thought I could actually look like a normal woman, but I secretly ached and wished to. It took a tremendous amount of courage for me to come to you and you truly nurtured me. I’ll never forget that. As for your assistant Swars, she’s fantastic!!! Her kindness and sensitivity went right through to my heart and has remained there.

Really, all of you make some team! The mood of the office reflects it! Dr. Ravi you are truly and artist and have touched my life in a very positive was! Thank you very much.

Sincerely, Connie M



Dear: Dr Bala Ravi 

Words are completely inadequate to express my sincere gratitude and appreciation for the work you have done for me. From the bottom of heart, I would love to thank you for your fantastic workmanship you have done to my breast and my buttocks. Dr. Ravi you are not just an amazing and gifted surgeon, but you are also someone I can call my friend. I have never been so impressed with anybody as much as you. You have done an amazing job on me and I am so thankful to you. Since I have met you several years ago when you performed you first procedure on me, you have showed me nothing but love. You my friend took great care of me, you pay attention to my needs and wants and dedicated all your time to make sure that all those details were met. What I love the most about you is how money was never an object for you, you work with me, you love your patients and wanted nothing more, but to make them happy and put a big smile on their face. I know this because this is what you done not only for me, but my mom and my close friends that were also your patients. I am so pleased with everything you have done for me. I appreciate all that you and your wonderful staff have done for me. More importantly, Dr. Ravi you are an unbelievable surgeon, who is charismatic and charming man who didn't just make me his patient, but made me a part of his family. It was my best and greatest decision that I made to come to you and stay with you! Dr. Ravi, not only are you an amazing doctor, but you have become an amazing friend to me. I have been blessed to have you as my cosmetic doctor and I am so happy with the new me. 

Thank you, for being kind and compassionate with me. Thank you, for taking great care of me. Thank you for fixing me and taking care of the areas of my body that bother me the most. Thank you for making me perfect! Please know that I am forever grateful to you and your staff. 

Sincerely, Luz Chacon